Masterpiece Limousine on FOX5!

Masterpiece Limousine was recently featured in a FOX5 article!

1In respects to Loren Nancarrow, who lost his life to brain cancer, movie critic Josh Board among many others wanted to raise money to build a garden at the Scripps Radiation Therapy Center where patients and family could visit. We provided Limousine Services for Josh Board, who was offering a limousine ride, dinner and a movie to the top bidder at the charity auction.

With the desire to provide the most luxurious limousine, as well as dinner and movie, Josh ended up contacting us for our services.
I had to start calling places to see if anybody would help out with these items, or I’d be out of pocket a big chunk of change. I made a phone call to two friends that drive limos. Neither of them could help me out. That’s when I decided to start calling limo services randomly. The first place was called Masterpiece Limousine. Eddie runs it and told me they already do a number of charity events and that he was sorry he couldn’t help. Then he asked, ‘Who did you say this was for?’

I said, ‘A local newscaster named Loren Nancarrow. He always…’

I was interrupted as Eddie said, ‘If it’s for him, we’ll do it. I’ll give you anything you need.’

Even though they were hooking us up for the Loren Nancarrow Healing Garden charity, I still wanted the winners to see a decent sized limo show up in front of their house to make the neighbors jealous. As those thoughts were swirling around my head, I saw an SUV limo show up longer than anything I had ever seen. My estimation was it was the length of two school buses.The driver was a sweetheart.”

Read the whole article here!

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