Prom Night Limo Rentals San Diego

Prom Night Limo Rentals San Diego

Prom Night: the night that they will never forget! This is an important day in any high schoolers’ life, and the vehicle they show up in is just as important. Here at Masterpiece Limousine, we take into account all the necessary features in our limos and party buses, including style, space, and safety! These are all very important factors to ensure that your teen has a blast on their big night!

We provide service to all high schools in San Diego County, and have provided for many over the past decade. Prom in San Diego usually starts in the middle of April and through the beginning of May. During those dates, there is an extremely high demand for limousines and party buses, so it’s essential to book your prom limousine rental in San Diego months in advance! Start booking now!

Types of Prom Limousine Rentals

We offer our Luxury Black Lincoln Limos for the ultimate stylish flare, as well as Luxury SUV Rentals and Luxury Sedans! No matter how big the group is, we’re here to transport your child to the Prom destination with the ultimate luxury, style and entertainment! Our limos are stylish and spacious, so they’ll fit the whole gang of friends! We want to help you get ahead of the game with our Prom transportation this year. Be sure to take advantage of our PROM Limo Packages, designed to fit your child’s and their friends’ entertainment needs!

If you have an even bigger crowd, look no further! We offer 30-passenger Limo Bus Rentals and 40-passenger limo bus rentals in San Diego!Keep the party together in a fun and safe environment! Whether it’s for the drive over to the Prom Location, or heading to a fast food location for after the party, we’re here to make it easy for you! To view more of our Luxury Limo and Party Bus Rentals for the big Prom Night in San Diego, click here.

Know where your children are going! Sometimes after the big party, the kids might want to hang out to eat at a fast food restaurant. Click here to view a list of 24-hour food locations in San Diego!

Our drivers will take the group safely to any authorized location, and they will be sure to keep in contact with you the whole time! Your child can have all the fun, while you have none of the stress!

Limousine Safety

limo_welcomeWe know a parent’s concern when it comes to get-togethers and parties. Masterpiece Limousine will go the extra mile to ensure that your child and their friends are safe in our CHP inspected vehicles, and are accompanied by a professional and certified driver. All our drivers will provide you with their direct contact information so that you can contact them anytime, anywhere.

During pick-up, our drivers have a duty to ensure that there is an alcohol-free environment, as well as explain guidelines and rules to the group of kids. This is to make sure that everyone in the vehicle is aware of safety precautions and what to expect. All our drivers will also dress professionally and elegantly to provide a luxurious and elegant atmosphere.

Get prepared for PROM!

Get ready in advance for this year’s Prom! Check out a list of boutiques and stores in San Diego where you can rent or purchase Prom Dresses and Prom Tuxedos!

Make this year one you’ll child will never forget! Our luxury limo services for PROM in San Diego will provide your child and their friends with a comfortable and fun-filled atmosphere, that you as the parents can be worry-free all night long!

Be sure to sign up for our specials! You’ll be the first to know of any Hummer Limousine specials or Prom Specials that we have to offer!

For reservations and/or additional information on how you can prepare for this year’s Prom, please contact us toll-free at 858-483-5466.




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