School Event Limo Rental San Diego

School Event Limo Services in San Diego

Everyone shows up at a school event in a different way, so why not let your son or daughter arrive in style Kids at school eventand leave everyone in awe?

Try our limo service for school and sport events and see how an exciting day can be turned into an enduring memory for your child.

A cab or car journey for a child can be drab and enduring, particularly if you get stuck in traffic, but in a Masterpiece Limousine there is so much to occupy their minds they don’t even care!

Masterpiece Limousines offer a chic service and give your child celebrity treatment. We will pick them up from home and, after the event, return them safely to your door.

Call us at 858-483-5466 and book our limo services for any upcoming school event, including plays, sport days and parties!

Masterpiece Limousine provides your child with the Hollywood treatment and our drivers are hand selected and trained in-house to ensure clients receive high-end service. Rest assured our chauffeurs open the door for children in the same way they do for adults. You simply cannot afford to deny your child this 5 star experience.

Why not also share our spacious limo, and the excitement that goes with it, with friends? For example, our Luxury H2 Hummer Limo can carry up to 14 passengers! Our limos are also fitted with a Stereo CD Player including Sub-woofers, five TVs with DVD Player, Strobe Lights and other fabulous entertainment features ensuring the party starts in the car!

As part of our commitment to the privacy of your child, all our limos have tinted windows and separate driver’s compartment. Chauffeurs also have training and experience in handling paparazzi and security threats on the road. Of course, your child can always press the intercom and ask for any assistance from the driver.

Do you need to adjust things at the last minute? Then don’t worry. We follow your schedule and begin the trip at any point in San Diego. If you would like a designer package, just tell us your plans and we’ll create one just for you!

An advantage with our limo services for school events is that the child can choose when to go back home. Even if the event ends earlier than expected, our limo services for school events in San Diego, is on standby to take the student home so they will never be left stranded.

We promise, you will have the best experience

Whether you are seeking a limousine for a night on the town, that extra special wedding day, or corporate transport to impress your business associates, Masterpiece Limousine will transform your trip into a memorable event.

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